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Storm Restoration.

Insurance Claims Assistance for Maryland Residents

We’re the Roofing Contractor That Will Help You Throughout the Insurance Claims Process

Sometimes storm damage happens and you need to file an insurance claim with your insurance carrier. Excel Roofing is a local exterior’s contractor in Maryland helping local Maryland residents with filing and managing home insurance claims to get a full approval. We’re experienced in identifying and reporting storm damage or problems caused by other types of issues with your home. Excel Roofing has a specific department dedicated to insurance claims that overseas the sales reps managing our customers individual cases. We can handle insurance repairs for a wide variety of services including:

Roof, Gutters, Siding, Windows, and Doors

Storms come and go, but the damage sticks around. At Excel Roofing we will help with your storm restoration in Maryland. Working with Excel is like having a personal representative who will do all the heavy lifting for you. From initial inspection, documentation, installation to cleanup, we’re equipped to handle whatever the weather or nature has thrown your way. Excel Roofing completes all exterior repair work on homes and businesses. 

Roofing Damage

High winds are known for causing roof shingles to lift, crack, or completely go missing, which can leave the underlayment exposed and compromise the water-tight seal. Even if your roof appears to have survived a recent storm, there may be issues that aren’t fully visible from the ground. Our experts will inspect your roof to confirm if there’s any storm damage present.

Siding Damage

Storm damage can often cause your siding to split or bulge, and even leads to quicker deterioration. When your siding is damaged, it leaves your property vulnerable to pests, mold, and air leakage. Let’s make sure that your home or business remains secure.

Gutter Damage

Your gutters create an entire system that keeps water flowing in the right direction. When clogs or breaks keep that system from functioning, water finds its way back to places it doesn’t belong. Whether it’s a simple clearing or requires more comprehensive repairs, we’ll keep the water flowing along its intended path.

Window Damage

When tree limbs, rocks, and other debris go flying, sometimes your windows become the unfortunate target. We’re not just talking curb appeal, but damaged windows can also impact your heating and cooling costs. Let’s restore their beauty, maintain your energy efficiency, and keep you safe.

Our Storm Inspection Process

When destructive weather events happen, there’s no telling what the impact will be. A detailed storm inspection will allow us to identify areas of concern and make recommendations to you. That includes examining the condition of your roof, siding, windows, and gutters. We document what we find and present it to you, using photos to help communicate the damage as well as present the quality of the project from start to finish.

Insurance Process

Loss can be overwhelming, plus navigating the complicated world of insurance claims can be frustrating. That’s where we come in. If our thorough inspection reveals that your property has suffered any damage from a recent weather event, we will document the damage and meet with your insurance adjuster to ensure the full scope of the damage is observed and recorded. We maintain excellent relationships with many insurance providers which allows us to ensure a seamless process for you. As your representatives, we value transparency and straightforward communication, ensuring that you are always in the know.
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