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Excel Roofing is a Premier Siding Contractor despite the name

Give Your Home Curb Appeal That Lasts
Our home improvement company only installs premium materials and CertainTeed offers an industry-leading selection of low-maintenance products that create beautiful, timeless looks that last.


Wrap Your Home In Excellence

At Excel, we’re proud to offer CertainTeed™ insulated vinyl siding. Its beauty, durability, easy maintenance, and energy-efficient features truly make this siding the best in class—and the perfect choice for Mid-Atlantic homeowners who won’t settle for anything less than the best for their residences. With our expert-level siding installation, investing in CertainTeed™ siding will be the best choice you’ve ever made for your home.


The Look of Real Wood without the Upkeep

Featuring TrueTexture™, a direct transfer system from real cedar boards, CertainTeed™ siding looks just like real wood but doesn’t require any maintenance. It comes in a huge variety of colors, including variegated shades that simulate the nuances of real wood siding and its unique Permacolor™ feature helps resist fading for years to come.


Precision Crafted to Last for Decades

CertainTeed™ crafts industry leading siding that is designed to stand the test of time. Handpicked by us through our Verified Vendor Program, these siding panels are thicker than average, ensuring superior impact resistance and long lasting rigidity that resists cracking. They also boast a class A fir rating – the best in the business.

Low Maintenance

Vinyl Makes for Simple Maintenance

Wood siding is prone to rotting and requires regular upkeep, including sanding and painting, to keep it looking fresh. Our vinyl siding, however, will retain its strength and beauty for years with nothing more than a simple wish with soap and water.

Energy Efficiency

Improve your Home's Thermal Performance

Tired of your outrageous energy bills? Excel takes energy efficient vinyl siding to the next level by installing it with industry leading house wrap and insulation which will improve your home’s thermal performance while also reducing outside noise. The Result to upgrading with CertainTeed? Lower energy bills and a quieter, more peaceful household. 

CERTAINTEED™ Siding Features

Why we install industry-leading CertainTeed™ siding


There’s a wide variety of siding products on the market today, but only CertainTeed™ meets our standards of excellence. It’s crafted with titanium dioxide to resist harsh UV light, which can cause fading and make siding susceptible to cracking. It also features thicker panels than standard siding and RigidForm™ rolled-over nail hem technology, ensuring superb rigidity and impact resistance. And with a natural woodgrain appearance, it offers the beauty of real wood without strenuous upkeep. To top it all off, this siding comes with a number of optional accessories, such as built-in light blocks to add lighting on either side of your home’s exterior doors, shutter replacement, dryer vents, performance G8 coil, shakes and scallops, and maintenance-free trim. And, it’s all backed by a 100% non-prorated transferable warranty, maximizing your home’s resale value.

We install all CertainTeed™ Siding Products


Authentic cedar texture with innovative foam backing for more quiet and comfort. 3 Styles


Natural woodgrain texture with exceptional value, and design versatility. 7 Styles


The look of milled cedar shakes and shingles with exceptional value and solid performance. 3 Styles

Brown Windows


Classic architectural styles with a wide spectrum of colors for durable beauty. 5 Styles


Woodgrain texture with quality features and affordability. 3 Styles


Vertical siding offering early American charm and low maintenance. 3 Styles


Authentic beaded design for traditional old world charm.

Teal Window


Authentic cedar texture with the widest spectrum of colors in the vinyl siding industry. 3 Styles


Woodgrain texture for great looks that last. 3 Styles


Narrow, flat-faced boards and wide battens provide a rustic farmhouse appearance.


For proper ventilation, porch ceilings or finishing touches. Available in many colors and styles.


CertainTeed Exterior Trim highlights the architectural features of your home without rotting, peeling or fading.

Dependable Construction

Other types of siding are prone to rot, fading or invasion by pests such as termites, but vinyl siding is designed to last. It allows moisture to escape, preventing rotting, corrosion and warping. The color of vinyl siding goes all the way through the material, making its beauty fade-resistant and long-lasting.

Vinyl siding is also dent- and scratch-resistant and able to stand up to most climates and weather conditions. The expert installers at AmeriPro Roofing will ensure your siding is installed tightly to give you maximum protection against severe elements. Vinyl siding that is installed by knowledgeable professionals can last many decades.
Tan Siding
Blue Siding

Expert Installation

When you partner with Excel to install CertainTeed™ siding at your residence, you can trust you’re choosing the best. That’s because we install our siding with premium house wrap and first-rate insulation infused with graphite to slow heat transfer, improving your home’s thermal performance and reducing outside noise by up to 38%. This siding’s signature CertiLock™ feature enables the panels to snap together with an audible “click” to ensure a secure fit, and the unique STUDfinder™ technology helps ensure a precise installation for optimum siding performance.

Design Versatility

Vinyl house siding is versatile. It’s available in many colors, shades and textures. Whatever style or aesthetic you want for your home, there’s a good chance you’ll find it in vinyl.

If you love the look of wood but want a more affordable option, you can enjoy the authentic wood appearance of vinyl siding for a fraction of the cost. The best part about wood-look vinyl siding is your neighbors won’t be able to tell the difference thanks to its convincing appearance.

Siding Blue
White Siding

Outstanding Value

While a new vinyl siding replacement will give your home a facelift that will leave your neighbors green with envy, its true value is in dollars and cents. Vinyl siding offers:

Energy savings: When properly installed, vinyl siding will help your house will feel cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, giving your AC and furnace a break. As a result, you’ll save on monthly energy bills. Trust us—your wallet will thank you!

Affordable material: Vinyl siding is less expensive because the material is lighter and easier to configure than other types of siding. It also doesn’t require extensive maintenance, so you can use the money you save to upgrade other areas of your home.

Increases resale value:With eye-catching color and texture options, vinyl siding instantly upgrades the appearance of your home, making it the star of the block when it comes time to sell. The attractive appearance of your house will interest buyers and draw them in to take a look at the interior.

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