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Investing in quality rain gutter repairs or installation can improve your home’s value, increase curb appeal and mitigate costly repairs!

At Excel Roofing, we know what separates ordinary gutters and gutter guards from a gutter protection system that provides fail-safe performance and exceptional value. That’s why we only install the best products available.

We use LeafSolution XTreme Gutter Guard


Surgical grade material that resists corrosion and will withstand heavy exposure to the elements. Optimally sized mesh openings to protect from multiple types of debris, small animals, and insects.

Our patented “hemming” process mechanically bonds the micro-mesh securely into the aluminum body. This creates a strong connection that will not come apart after years of weathering.

The smooth aluminum body prevents debris from sticking to the surface while providing a lightweight yet strong frame for the Xtreme Panels.


Why Are Quality Gutters Crucial for Your Home?

In addition to improving the resale value of your home and boosting its curb appeal, there are several practical reasons to install an efficient gutter protection system. Gutters:
  • Protect your home’s foundation: Heavy or frequent rainfall can cause water to pool around your home’s foundation, especially if your lawn slopes toward your home. Gutter downspouts channel excess water away from your home.
  • Thwart flooding: Without gutters displacing water, your home’s basement and lower levels might be at risk of flooding, resulting in costly water damage.
  • Deter leaks and water stains: A high-quality gutter system protects your roof’s facial board — the wood beneath the roofing material — from water ingress, which could lead to troublesome and expensive-to-repair leaks and water stains.
  • Prevent unwanted growth: Moist environments breed unwanted plant growth like mold, mildew and algae, which could then spread from your roof to the inside of your home.
  • Grow your garden: Excess water flooding your home’s lawn and garden does more harm than good because too much water can whisk away essential nutrients your plants need to grow and thrive.
Overall, a quality gutter protection system displaces water to save you from water damage and potentially costly repairs. They can have cosmetic benefits, too, improving the look and value of your home.

What’s Included in Having My Gutters Done?

  • Inspection and Measurements Prior to Installation
  • Custom Gutter Solutions, Measured to Exact Specifications
  • Strong, Seamless, Watertight Gutters
  • Complete Clean-up and Debris Removal
  • Gutter Protection and Gutter Systems Installed by Licensed Professionals

What Types of Gutters Are Available?

Seamless aluminum gutters - 5" and 6"

Seamless gutters are effective and affordable, making them a top choice among homeowners. Seamless aluminum gutters are custom-fit to the exact length needed and have no joints or seams to let in water or debris. Aluminum gutters also offer many advantages — they won’t crack or split like vinyl or rust like steel. Seamless aluminum gutters are a long-lasting, inexpensive solution that can be installed hassle-free.

Gutter Guards

First of all, gutter guards and covers are a simple idea. They form a filter over your gutters that allow water into the gutter and keep debris out. Also, there are many types of gutter guards. And, each type works a bit differently. That means you need to know the unique conditions of your roof. Plus, you should be familiar with the area surrounding your roof when shopping for gutter guards.

Why Choose Excel Roofing for Your Gutter Repairs or Replacement?

  • Complimentary inspection: Book your complimentary roof inspection online today, and we’ll arrive prepared to evaluate your home and make tailored recommendations.
  • Experienced gutter contractors: We’ve helped more than 1,000 homeowners improve their homes with our professional roof and gutter repair and installation services.
  • Financing available: We have several financing options available, subject to approved credit, to help homeowners with various budgets enhance the quality and value of their homes.

At Excel Roofing, we’re proud to be a GAF Certified Contractor. Our certifications demonstrate a decades-long dedication to excellence that we showcase during every project. Homeowners in Maryland have turned to our experienced, qualified team for thorough, dependable roofing services for over two decades. Quality and integrity are the cornerstones of every project we take on.

We’ve built a reputation for putting our customers’ needs first and delivering exceptional results. Our team will help you identify the best gutter solutions for your home and answer any questions or concerns you might have throughout our streamlined process. We’ve only completed our job when you’re entirely satisfied with our work.

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