Being veteran owned and operated, we strive to give back to those who served for all of us. We love to hire veterans, as well as give extra discounts for active military and veterans. With a portion of our profits going to veteran services.

We aim to stay a medium sized company to keep the focus on the consumer which has made Excel successful for so long.

We are hiring!

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To us, the employee is just as important as the customer. Treating everyone with respect, and empowering/encouraging our employees has greatly helped Excel to succeed. Not only do we of course hire everyone from all walks of life.  We try to create an inclusive environment where people are happy to come to work and achieve their personal and professional goals. Time off is just as Important as hard work; we understand the need for a healthy work life balance and we put an extra pound towards your life to ensure happy employees and happy customers. Which is what the goal of Excel Roofing is and ultimately what makes us happy. We will always hire veterans first if possible, after all they’ve done to serve, we love to show our support, and help give back in the small ways that we can.