If you felt like a character on a horror movie set the last time you looked into your attic, perhaps now is the time to ask how to reinvent your attic for optimal storage?

Many attics are dark, dingy, and poorly ventilated places – either unused or packed with clutter.

But attics are also places of undiscovered potential. While some people use the extra space as a quiet place to catch up on reading, others find the space easily transformable into a well-lit space in which anything from craft supplies to sentimental treasures can be neatly and safely stored.

This article shares a few tips for optimizing your attic for storage


The Basics

When transforming your attic into a functional space, there are several important factors to consider. If your attic is not adequately prepared for weight-bearing, you must address the floors.

Apart from the floors, you also need to consider ventilation. A poorly ventilated attic will retain high moisture levels, leading to mildew and mold and the fast degradation of all you have stored and your roof structures like insulation.

Before you begin, be sure to make sure your access to the attic is sturdy and safe. There is no point in plunging down broken stairs before you even get to climb inside the roof!



If you consider how to reinvent your attic for optimal storage, you may need an expert to judge the condition of your attic floors.

Most homes have plywood nailed onto the rafters to act as a floor. Whether the floor can support weight depends on several factors, including what material is used for the rafters and the floor.

If there is no existing flooring, you’ll need to nail sufficiently thick plywood to the beams for adequate safety and storage purposes.

Remember that any flooring you use must also bear the weight of people carrying goods in and out of the attic.


Planning and Preparation

You will need to empty your attic of stored items and clutter to plan your space. We know it’s a daunting task, but you will enjoy the personal reward at the end when you stand back and admire your beautifully organized attic.

Awkward spaces can make knowing how to reinvent your attic for optimal storage a little challenging. The easiest place to begin is to determine which areas are most accessible. Then you can consider how to overcome sloped walls and tight corners.

Take this opportunity to sift through your stored goods, sell the good stuff you no longer use and throw the junk away.


Organization Tips

Storage Containers

Plastic containers with lids are ideal for storing items in an attic. They keep the dust and moisture out and are stackable so that you can use space well.

Clear containers have the advantage of being able to see what they contain at a glance.

You can also use different colors for different categories of items, for example, a red box for Christmas decorations and an orange for Halloween.

Label the boxes, too – not everybody will understand your color coordinating.

Cardboard boxes take in moisture and encourage mold growth, and whatever is stored in the cardboard box will be at risk of getting moldy and damaged.



Shelving is a top priority when considering how to reinvent your attic for optimal storage.

If you have irregular spaces that are hard to access, you may want to consider some DIY or custom-made shelving.

If you are lucky enough to have a flat wall in your attic, free-standing metal or wooden shelving is ideal. Remember to put the heavy items at the bottom for balance and keep more oversized items at the back of the shelves so it’s easy to see everything.

Using the rafters for support, you can use the space between trusses to add shelving parallel to the floor. Tiered shelving systems work well. If you are not into DIY, get a handyperson or carpenter to install some.

Hooks or vertical shelving tracks work well for hanging rods to hang coats or seasonal clothing. Pop a dry cleaning or garbage bag over the clothes to keep dust off.


Final Thoughts

Attics can make great storage units for anything from luggage and sports equipment to holiday decorations.

Plus, when ventilation is adequately addressed and storage space-optimized, your attic will add functionality to your home.

If you are unsure about the ventilation, floor strength, or structure, we recommend consulting a professional to advise on how to reinvent your attic for optimal storage.